I'm big on three words..... Functional, Accessible, and Fun.   The stuff we own should make life easier and make us feel good, not weigh us down and create stress.  With the space we have, we should be able to know where things are, and be able to access them to use them.  Novel concept.   When we are in a space that functions well, we function well.  Our external landscape supports our internal landscape and life flows with more ease.  

 Sometimes we just need to do what I call a 'purge'.... getting rid of what we no longer need, what is no longer 'current', and what gets in our way of having a happy, healthy, productive life.  Clean out the closets, go thru the garage/storage/outside, get the office and files dialed in, or just get rid of the clutter build up and chaos in the corners.  

We can create simple, easy, clean... -  Closets  -  Living Room  -  Bedroom  -  Clothes  -  Garage  -  Storage Unit  -  Office  -  Files  -  Kitchen  -  Bathrooms  -  Laundry Room  -  Outside  -  Sheds  -  More...


OK... now we are taking it to a whole new level.  We want it to look fantastic.  It can be as simple as making a few creative changes in furniture staging with your existing pieces... it can feel like a whole new space with fresh energy.  Things look and work better together, as well as create easier 'traffic flow'.  

Or you may choose to create something new... new paint, new pieces, new fixtures, new shelves, new lighting, new curtains... updating and upgrading all or part of your space creates a new look and feel and supports you and your lifestyle.  Working with your budget, we can create exactly what you want. Your design will support how you want to feel and use your space.


Who doesn't need help when they are moving?!?  Let's face it, moving is a big project.  But it is also a great time to let go of the old and say yes to the new.  A good clean out and staging-to-sell, can do wonders for both sellers and buyers.   Staging a home for sale has it's own flavor.... when done well, homes tend to sell 50-80% faster and continually receive 7-10% more than non-staged homes.  When you do the math, it is an investment that more than pays for itself!

And when moving into your new place, give a gift to yourself and make it awesome right from the start... with some Organizational Design by Kaia and get it all the in the right place right from the start.   Optimize what you have with the space you are in.  My specialty.... :-)

Depending on the project, I can also be a Project Manager & Consultant for other services.... cleaners, movers, handyman, volunteers, recycling, shredding, Goodwill, Craigslist/eBay, landscaping, outside maintenance, dump runs, plumbing, electrical, paint, etc.


Let me show you some tricks of the trade....Get an outside perspective on how to make sound decisions…. whether it be with design, what to let go of and what to keep, or help with creating new home flow systems. Let's update inside and out. Our environment is often a reflection of our inner landscape. Let's get current.  I can help with that.  With a lot of heart, compassion, and patience, I love using my coaching skills to help others.

 I like to say... ''If it were easy, we'd-a-done-it-already!'' :-)  Yes, you could do it by yourself.  But there are reasons you haven't.   So when you are ready, give me a ring.  A fresh start is always a welcomed energy.  I'd be happy to come help.  Often times, things go smoother and faster with support.

My job is to get you to where you want to be…