• Kaia’s Passion and right on intuition in transforming one’s living space into a “W-O-W” reaction is effortless. She takes on a project with high dose of enthusiasm and energy. It is contagious. No project is too small nor too big for her. She invites challenges with a smile on her face because deep down in her heart, she already knows and envisions the outcome of the project. She is very organized, punctual and work oriented. I highly recommend Kaia’s exceptional skills in design to anybody who’s in search and ready for a transformation within and out. GG

  • Kaia True did an outstanding job of updating our home.  She is able to create effects with deft use of accessories and subtle touches of color, and has strong connections with local tradesmen and was able to accomplish our project in a very short time. Her efforts transformed our home sufficiently to produce a 20% increase in sales price (4 month turnover). LS

  • I wish everything could be this easy, and turn out so beautiful! Kaia is so organized, meticulous, and creative that I knew I didn’t have to worry about anything. She has a rare combination of gifts, and I truly value her talents. BF

  • Kaia came through our home like a breath of fresh air!   Kaia took our furnishings and all our display pieces that were stacked, piled and forgotten, and she placed, accented and featured them all with a grace and feel for spacial relationships that made our entire home look welcoming, sharp and well designed.  She gave our home new life.  We recommend Kaia wholeheartedly! CP

  • Kaia’s creative design for our master bath remodel optimized our space and our budget. Our bathroom is now functional and gorgeous with wonderful unique touches. We couldn’t have done it without her. SS

  • Kaia approached this project with optimism, grace, and structure, which shifted this project from what I thought would be insurmountable, to one that we could manage in a very comfortable way. This allowed me to get through the process of letting go of lots of stuff that no longer served me – probably the most important part of the project. She then developed a comprehensive plan to address color, design, and the look I desired and what I envisioned, and then created a plan to bring it to life. I’m now living in the kind of environment that I’ve always wanted but could never make happen on my own. Kaia is gifted, patient, and compassionate in all that she brings to a project and I could never have shifted my environment without her! MM

  • Kaia has an amazing ability to crate a space based on a persons emotional desire. She is fluid and creative in how she moves "with you" through a project. I am amazed at how my office turned out physically when it began with an emotional desire. She is patient and gentle, I have so much fun working on projects with her! KZ

  • My house sold in less than three hours. I am sure the speed of sale had much to do with the attractive staging Kaia helped accomplish in an efficient and gracious way. Her tasteful eye will certainly be an asset to anyone moving in or out or simply giving their home a face lift. BB

  • Smart, sensitive and honest are qualities of Kaia that make her a gem! I hired Kaia to work with me to organize and co-manage our household belongings in anticipation of a cross-country move and eventual house sale. I had short time lines and was experiencing quite a bit of emotional distress. Kaia’s keen insights and skills made a significant difference in getting the job done! Kaia was exceptionally efficient in many ways. She organized friends and family who volunteered, contributed informed opinions to hard decisions about what to keep and what to give away and partnered with me in ways that added value. I found Kaia to be trustworthy and reliable and highly recommend her consultation and services! M J-S